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Link collections Nicely done collection of useful links and all kinds of other information on bicycle tours.
Linkcollection South America Well maintained and exhaustive list of dozens of travelogues across this marvellous continent.

Swiss Cyclists

Yakman & Yak Seven years - around the globe. He returned to Switzerland on June 2001 and even met with the Swiss government. Excellent email collection.
Chrüsi In German. Switzerland - India, a great source of information.
Sauser In German. Useful information on many Asian countries.
Betzgi Interesting collection of trips to the most beautiful spots of this planet: Tibet, Altiplano, ...
Globobike In German. On-trip emails, now back home.
Urs Long bicycle tour through Asia. Long travelogue and many pictures. Urs will join the route soon in the future.

German Cyclists

Globetreter A very interesting guy. I cycled with him 4 weeks through the Altiplano in summer 2001. Recommended!
Bikers Barbecue Two Austrians travel across the United States and write a report about their journey and the country. With book advice, equipment tips and some funny pictures.
Mountainbike Expedition Team How to organize bicycle tours in lovely spots such as Greenland or Mongolia?


Janne Corax A totally crazy guy! :) His bicycle trips / expeditions are some of the most impressive I've ever heard of. A great source of knowledge for trips to the Himalaya.
Martin's Adventures A great cyclist. His expedition-style trips led him also to the most remote places on the plant.
Ray Kreisel Extensive bicycle trips across the Himalaya. Great pictures and travelogues!


Iceland: Isafold In German. exhaustive information on nearly every aspect of an adventurous trip to Iceland.

Equipment (CH)

Veloplus In German. Nice and knowledgeable.
Transa In German. Trekking and more.

General Sites

Travelogues all over the world In German. Thousands of travelogues (with or without bicycle).
Bikefreaks In German. General topics on cycling.

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