Here you can find the latest news about my travels and the homepage.

07/Jan/2006 There won't be many news about cycling in the time to come. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
11/Jan/2005 A preview of a future tour is now online. Find out yourself! I'm not sure when I can have a try at this.
17/Oct/2004 Now the Nepal pictures are online as well. Enjoy!
03/Oct/2004 All the pictures except Nepal are online now. Gear lists and other info will follow soon.
17/Aug/2004 The homepage is being updated now. The first pictures of my own are online now.
03/Aug/2004 Since July 31, I'm back in Switzerland. It's a strange feeling to be back at the exact place where everything started 11 months ago...

In the coming weeks, pictures, more text and country infos will be put on the site. Just be patient. ;)

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