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Thank you...

My bicycle tour would not have been the same without the encounter of so many people. So many times, I received help where I never expected it, got a wonderful place to stay in a family's home, had lots of fun, long and inspiring talks and encounters that made my heart beat faster...

These people made a great difference to my journey:

(Kids in Western Tibet)


Ankica and Marijne - for the very warm welcome at their pension and the long chats on the next day. I learnt so much about Croatia!


Gheorghe - Chased by dog and breaking a spoke at sunset... Then, I felt very happy for the great hospitality of Gheorghe - a young theology student.


A man on the roadside - On the second day in Turkey, I suddenly saw fresh meat hanging down from a wooden construction... and then the man selling the meat. Despite my total lack of knowledge of Turkish, I got a moving impression of everyday hardship of Turks... and of their hospitality!

Sophie and Jerome - A young French couple who started in 2001 on motor scooters, travelled around the world and were by then slowly heading back home. I very much enjoyed their company on the abandoned 'Berlin' campsite in Goreme, Kappadockia.

Ayhan - I probably looked quite lost while I was changing clothes in front of Ayhan's hairdressing shop in central Erzincan. He invited to get in. Then, I got so much help, I never could dream of. He helped me to find a place to store my bicycle and baggage, buy a last-minute bus ticket, invited me to his very nice family, shaved off my long beard, cut my hair 'Turkish-style' and in the end accompained me to the bus station... I was blown away... What a wonderful person!


Not just vodka... but lots of smiles along the road.


Rashad and Bahar - I cycled into Baku just when the state funeral for the late president was under way. Standing with my fully loaded bicycle amidst the gathered crowd, I looked rather strange. It didn't take long for Rashad and his friends to start a conversation with me. Rashad became a great companion during the coming days. He introduced me to so many interesting places in Baku and of course also to his lovely friend Bahar.


Sanaz and her family & friends - An encounter that could not have been more wonderful. You gave an insight into Iran, I never could have expected. Thank you! I hope we meet again.

Mehdi and his family - A very talented person, mastering everything from Beethoven's sonatas to inspired architecture.

Mostafa and his family & friends - You have great sense of hospitality. I wish I had more time to spend with you!


Great smiles and always some bread or vodka to share out in the barren Karakum desert.


Many families invited me to stay at their place. Each time I experienced very different persons and cultures. From a very heartful young couple to a Tajik family to a restaurant owner to a young student to a very smiling family including a karate master and finally a cultivated family father with great interest in chess (and vodka),


Nathalie and Albert - Met by chance in Uzbekistan. This couple works for the EU in Dushanbe. They invited me spontanously to spend some time with them and I got a very interesting glance at the NGO work. Not to forget that they gave me lots of very useful help and advice for cycling through Tajikistan.

Fernand - One of the contacts I got from Nathalie and Albert. Fernand is a straight forward boss managing the European Bank's money in Dushanbe. Very helpful! His deputy pushed my visa extension and permit through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in record time!

Sarah and Arnaud - In the middle of the Tajik Pamir, I had the chance to spend some time with Sarah and Arnaud. Lots of talking about travelling, life and all the like. They did amazing trips into Afghanistan!

And not to forget the overwhelming warmth that comes from all the encounters with Tajik people, especially in the Gorno-Badakhshan!


Bea - She was a scout leader in Switzerland like I am, but we didn't never keep in touch for many years, then she gets to know by chance about my travels. Bea spontanously invited me to stay at her place in Bishkek. We had tremendous fun! Not only that I got all the nice restaurants to check out, we managed to make all sorts of funny things and last but not least I got told my future by Tarot cards.


Antoine - Great chance to have met him! Thank you for all the fantastic time while doing very tough cycling! Let's go for another beer in Switzerland!

Vawn, Melanie, Tashi and Sonam - They were doing a Kora around Mt. Kailash. Vawn and Melanie with Tashi as their driver and Sonam as an incredibly strong porter girl. Wonderful to had company with such nice people!


Rachel, Tewa, Michael, Casper and Henry - With all these people I spent my time in Kathmandu and surrounding. Went for rafting, sightseeing, pizza, beer, etc.

Back home in Switzerland

Rene - My father was running all my down-to-earth obligations like paying bills for me, sending me parcels. Although he seemed worried several times about me, he got at least as much as excited about travelling.

Simon and David - My two brothers managed to send me an emergency parcel to a place they never heard of before.

All over the world

Markus - A German touring cyclist who started at the same time as I did. We exchanged lots of emails, could write off our frustration with yet another visa problem and got each other excited about the road ahead.

Janne - Cycling at its most impressive. I got lots of inspiration from Janne and enjoyed all the emails we exchanged during the past years. It was from him that I got the drive to go always a little bit further than you think it would be possible for me.

Claude - Cyclonaut of great spirit. Cycling would not be the same without this Swiss from Geneva.

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