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24.05.2003 from Lausanne, Switzerland

The start of my journey approaches. Last winter I was always thinking about a journey in the distant future. Now, it is summer and I know that in the second week of September I will leave my hometown in Switzerland heading to the East. The date is approaching...

When I look to the East, at times I am thinking about how far my final destination lies. I know that it is possible to cycle it, as many have been on similar routes. But thinking about doing it by myself feels a bit strange. On one hand, I feel the undescribable feeling of freedom on two wheels, on the other hand I feel that so many difficulties may lay ahead. Technical ones, but also snow and icy cold weather in Eastern Turkey in winter and the Pamir in spring, then there is of course Western Tibet with horrible road conditions, high altitude and the Chinese Police.

Before a bicycle tour, the positive aspects always outweigh the negative ones: the prospect of wide landscape, endless roads and the encounters with people. If you would only think about the harsh reality of everyday-cycling you probably would never start.

Now, I am busy preparing my journey: the equipment list is almost complete, maps are bought and serve now as wallpapers for my room, my bicycle still needs some handwork, the new passport has arrived, the visa for Iran is almost requested, but many more things still need to be done... Preparing can be real fun.

Have a nice summer & best wishes,


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