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Arrived in Innsbruck

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13.09.2003 from Innsbruck, Austria - 549km


I have just arrived here in Innsbruck, Austria. The last week, I cycled from Basel (CH), Bern, Lucerne, Sargans to Austria. Over the Arlbergpass then to Tirol.

The weather was rather aweful But it allowed me to get used to the slightly unpleasant side of cycling. No night without heavy rainfall and during the days it didn`t really change. I have the impression that I brought the bad weather over from Switzerland... as on the radio they always announced nicer weather behind and in front of my current location, but that may be just my personal impression.

My bicycle is nicely doing its job and everything is fine. I`m starting to get used to the bicycle tour.
I met a very positive German cyclist of 65 years just a few dozens kilometers ago. He is retired now and enjoys currently a couple of weeks alone on his bicycle. Neither the bad weather nor steep mountain passes seem to affect his good mood. Great! Cycling seems to be very healthy mentally.

In the next days, I will head south over the Brenner pass towards Italy.

Best wishes,


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