Evolutionary genomics of pathogens Croll lab at University of Neuchatel

Guido Puccetti is an evolutionary biologist keen on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in fungicide resistance adaptation. During his bachelor’s degree, he focused on the auxin catabolism in the root meristem of A. thaliana at the university of La Sapienza. During his master’s in Plant Science, his interest shifted to focus on plant-pathogen interaction. During his MSc thesis, he worked in the group of Prof. Jan Van Kan on a project focused on the natural cross-kingdom RNA interference among S. lycopersicum and B. cinerea. Afterward, he was selected for the Swiss European mobility program scholarship and he had the opportunity to do an internship at the E.T.H. under the supervision of Dr.Andrea Sanchez Vallet working on the project titled “Epigenetic regulation of effectors in Zymoseptoria tritici”. His ongoing research interests are determining the genetic bases of fungicide resistance in the widespread plant pathogen Z. tritici.

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